xR is an exciting new approach to more healthy living and aging.  It treats the cause, not the symptom, which is a very important statement relative to how xR differs from traditional medicine. If you think about it, medicines such as aspirin, Lipitor, Viagra and Zoloft treat symptoms or manifestations of health problems.  xR’s nutraceutical and bioidentical hormones effect your basic body chemistry, thereby treating the root cause.

xR addresses many of the health problems that individuals face as they age, along with advice through this monthly xR Healthy Living Newsletter on nutrition, exercise and lifestyle management.  All of the elements are a part of the healthy living puzzle.  The approach has proven to be most beneficial to those age 40 or over and sometimes at even younger ages.  One of its major benefits is that it makes you feel better, more vital, more vigorous and energetic.  Many individuals on the program give testimony to the fact that they think more clearly and make quicker decisions.  Then, there are those that name specific problems that xR has solved or greatly reduce for them—problems such as migraines, low libido, low energy, anxiety, depression, arthritic pain, even aging skin.  xR manages your body chemistry or physiology toward optimal levels and, in so doing, makes you healthier.  The proof is in the improvement in both the results of your blood tests and how you feel.  Most participants find over time that their cholesterol is down to within a healthy range, their testosterone and Vitamin D-3 and other important hormones are up to desirable levels, their weight approaches more ideal for their age and body frame and they have much more energy. When accompanied by efforts in the other three areas of the healthy living puzzle-- exercise, nutrition and lifestyle management--the xR  nutraceutical and bioidentical hormone program can change the way you feel and improve your general health, making you feel and act younger, more vibrant and more in control of your health and well being.

xR is a revolution in the science of aging, allowing us to understand how our bodies work at the cellular level.   It is opening the door to healthy aging.

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